Play 1 Game. That is a Challenge?

“Play 1 Game.” That is a challenge. Yes, that is a challenge now. Look, if y’all are workin on a normal xp system and this is just a temporary placeholder for that, please let us know. We all really want a normal progression system where you earn xp by playing the game normally, and it would be a good idea to let us know if that’s coming

EDIT: I saw someone posted this in another thread about, and apparently they are working on that! It seems from this post that they are anyway. I’d like for this to be common knowledge though. Please spread this around, this was taken from the Tech Preview 2 News

"It’s good to be back, and we’re happy to hear that people were liking the added customization this flight. It wasn’t all high praise though, so let’s dive into the feedback areas.

We’re aware that there are some desired changes for a broader progression system outside of the Battle Pass. After last flight, we have adjusted our Daily Challenges to be more focused on a per match play model. The other big issue was making Double XP boosts more time-efficient in match on usage, this is something we agree with and are looking at a solution we can provide at a future date. While we explore those changes, which could be larger undertakings, we’re also looking into faster options such as ways to increase how frequently XP is given out via Challenges and potentially tying XP Boosts to matches played rather than time.

Beyond that, there’s been a large number of requests for an additional career progression system. We want this too and it’s our team’s top priority, but doing it right will take time and that may mean it won’t come as quickly as many of you would like. As we look at what our team needs to build, adding an entirely new progression system on top of everything else is a lot. Building a progression system with solid design, good implementation, top-tier UXUI presentation, thorough testing, and time for polish will take some time and we want to do it right.

While this is a ways away, please understand that outside of continuing to support the basic needs of each Season and finishing up existing work that’s already been started, building additional progression systems and improving the areas mentioned above are the Live Team’s top priorities."


50xp per game, 20 games to rank up once excluding the other challenges that look like they’re a lot more reasonable to complete now

It’s an appreciated bandage but the problem wound still remains.

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It would make sense that they’re still working on a system. I hope so. Flag caps, match wins, assassinations, etc. I’m sure it could get complicated. I hope that’s what they’re doing