Plausible Theory; Who is Master Cheif???

This new trilogy, (now dubbed saga) has already been said, is a focus on who the Chief is. Im going not to far out on the limb and saying that he is the Didact, reborn. There is alot of evidence leading to this belief but i would like to make one critical point about the entire Halo franchise.

The series has always been related to the beliefs of Christianity (Dont worry, im not going to get all “holy” on you guys, just bare with me.) Do you want me to prove this to you? Ok well ever heard of Noahs Ark? Well in the Bible, Noah was told by God to build this giant Ark to save the species of Earth from a flood. Are you starting to see the similarities now?

In the Halo universe, the forerunners built the Ark to protect every species in the galaxy (including humans, covies, you name it) from a different kind of flood, the FLOOD.

You may be thinking, “ok, so whats the point?”

Well if the Halo Universe already relates with a story from the Bible, would it be safe to say that there will be more related stories? I say yes.

Master Chief’s story could be related to Christianity’s belief of a second coming of Jesus Christ. (Jesus Christ being the Didact)

“But how could Master Chief be the Didact?”

In the Halo backstory, just before the Didact was going to die, he passed his memories to another forerunner, Bornstellar. Something similar could or HAS happened to Master Chief.

“How could Master Chief be the Didact without knowing?”

Bornstellar himself hadnt even reralized he was the Didact until the Librarian told him.

“Ok, so what exactly does that mean Master Chief will be doing?”

Just as all of the ads for Halo 4 say he will be doing, coming face to face with his true arch nemesis. In the recent trailers, there is a symbol of the Didact, only its upside down. This could be the “anti-Christ”

Whether or not this is true, its suffice to say the Didact, the Librarian, whoever this upside down Didact thing is, will be very important to the new Halo saga. Yet at the same time, we will discover who Master Chief really is. We know he is the Reclaimer. But how did he become the Reclaimer? How does the CHief have the ability to activate these rings. Why is it his destiny?


All well and good but there is one tiny problem with Master Chief having the Didact’s imprint. The Didact is still alive.


The Didact is in the Cryptum in halo 4.

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Who is the Master Chief? This strokes the ego best

As for the geas that the Chief possesses, it is possible that it is based heavily on the Didact.
Then again, it could be instructions from the Librarian that are not based on anything but accomplishing a long term plan that involves the Didact.

Not enough evidence to make an educated speculation, merely wild ones.