PLASMASPARTAN54's History of Halo

This mainly is about when I started on Xbox Live.

I remember one time that the Free With Gold game was Halo 3. I downloaded the game on an Xbox 360 that couldn’t read discs. I remember the times I would make forge maps in Foundery. I also remember playing online and the story to unlock the armor. You know, Hyabusa, Security, EOD, and the Katana. My most painful memory is something you can guess. After I unlocked the security helmet and shoulders, and the Katana for the first time, I was proud. I came back the next day and suddenly, my armor was gone. Yep. Security and the Katana were taken from me. I soon fixed this, as I just had to get one achievement to get the armor back. Thank goodness.

Soon, Halo Reach was the next FWG game. I had to delete halo 3 to get the game sadly. I remember even more memories with this game, as it had more content, a better ranking system, and firefight. I remember trying to unlock the Birthday Party armor effect. It took a long time to get it, but that wasn’t all. Later, I wanted the black visor. Then after that, was probably the most memorable thing I accomplished to unlock in the game. Ever since I first played this game when it was released, I wanted the Mark 6 helmet. It was Master Chief’s helmet, but it was so expensive, I usually didn’t care to go for it. But later on, I set my goal to get the helmet, and I got it! After that, I unlocked things like the gold visor, and most recently, the Heart Attack armor effect. Other than the unlockables, I remember so many memories playing with my friends in custom games while making new game types and firefight game modes. It was a blast. Oh yeah, I am currently at the rank Field Marshall, a rank I would have never thought I would get to.

Up to what I believe the beginning of this year, I got to download halo 4 on the Xbox 360. Luckily for this time, I didn’t need to delete halo reach for this game. I remember playing all the Castle Wars maps that my friends made, and all the Hot Pursuit maps. My goal for this game was to mainly unlock Mark 6 armor. It was tough because I had to complete the game on Legendary, but with the help of my friends, we beat the game on that difficulty and I unlocked the armor. I remember trying to get to the rank SR130. I am currently at SR127 or SR 126. I am close though. One of my favorite things to do in this game was make Forge maps. I remember making so many racing maps and Slayer maps and Parkour maps.

When I got an Xbox One, the first game I played was Halo the Master Chief Collection. I didn’t have as many memories with this one, but I do have a few. I remember being so happy to finally get the chance to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live. I also got the chance to play Halo CE online. The first thing I did was try out the new Halo 2 Anniversary, and it was fantastic. The graphics and sound looked so amazing! However, the thing that comes to my head first when thinking of MCC, was getting Helioskrill for Halo 5. Yes, I had to complete not only Halo CE, not only Halo 2, or 3, or 4, but all of them on Legendary. I think the most difficult game was Halo CE. I cannot forget the Truth and Reconciliation level. I didn’t even have the pistol for the level which made completing it even more difficult, and don’t even get me started with the Elites and defending the Captain. As for Halo 2, Jackal Snipers. That’s all I can say! The Jackal Snipers are the most difficult part of this game on Legendary. Just one hit no matter where they shoot you, and you die, and they have quick reflexes to. Just look at them and just in a blink of an eye, you are dead. Halo’s 3 and 4 were no where near as frustrating. It’s probably because I already beat the games on Legendary before. For Halo 3, it was only one area in the third level, but that was it. Halo 4, there wasn’t anything frustrating. Seriously, Halo 4 is surprisingly the easiest to complete. In fact, I don’t remember dying that much. I guess my skill level for the game increased because earlier I said I beat Halo 4 with friends. Now, in MCC, I beat the game solo. Soon after, I got the armor. I’m still wearing it to this day.

Now Halo 5…
Well, I remember having to wait every update.
I remember having to wait for Forge, and sadly I don’t use it often because the controls have completely changed.
I remember waiting for Infection for 7 months.
I remember being excited for Warzone Firefight and now it’s my favorite game mode.

Yeah, for Halo 5, no significant memories come to my mind. There is no split screen, so I cant play with my brothers, and unlocking things in the game isn’t as fun because you have to rely on luck.

There you go, there is my history with the halo games online. My memories will never die, and hopefully in Halo Wars 2, Halo 3 Anniversary, or Halo 6, they will give me awesome memories just like the other Halo games.

Thanks for sharing your memories. Its too bad you missed out on Halo CE and Halo 2 when they came out. The hype and popularity of those games was incredible

It brings a tear to my eye, I did start with Halo CE and tagged along for the ride up to this very day, the memories are priceless and unforgettable, anyone who entered the Halo universe after Halo 3 I feel missed out on a piece of history, the hype, excitement, the laughs, the frustrations, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world !

My first game was Halo 3 too (but I was 7 when it was released), Reach is the game that I have most of Halo memories from I love when I can still play splits screen in it with my brothers and cousin. Then I get ODST and I didn’t know it has no multiplayer, still good game. Halo CEA, I played its campaing just once and get back to Reach. Halo 4 was first Halo that I waited for (I just watched couple trailers of it, nothing more) and it was good, not good as Reach but still good. Then MCC it was awesome to finally get to play Halo 2,CE multiplayer and all DLC maps. Halo 5, I had some hype to that game until I heard it has no splits screen, I got it as a christmas present and didn’t really play it until month ago, is ok game but bad Halo. And at some point I got Spartan Assault and it’s just meh.

Sorry if my text was miscelaneous, I am not natural English speaker.