Plasma Turret/Splinter Turret variants?

So it’s been a year and these 2 turrets are the only weapons in the game from day 1 that never got to shine in action.

I mean the Splinter is somewhat good but you will never encounter anyone using it aswell as the plasma turret.

But does that really mean they can’t be given variants? no, not really, I think their variants should go like so.

Plasma Turret.

Variant 1 - Tighter accuracy, longer RRR (Red Reticle Range) & faster fire rate.
Variant 2 - literally the AA turret but detached (would be awesome if the shield was still on the turret as well.)
Variant 3 - A charged shot that will shoot a burst of 7 stronger, thicker plasma rounds

Splinter Turret.

Variant 1 - Splinter shoots 2 additional projectiles in a “V” shape (just like Ad Victoriam) to make it balance either the ROF is slower / amount of little explosives are lowered
Variant 2 - the projectiles will track any foe in the RRR range & the broken parts of explosions will EMP vehicles and same with the first, to make it even to make it have a much slower ROF to prevent EMP abuse.

Additional Variant idea for the sentinel beam.

Variant 1 (A) - has a longer time before overheating + thicker beam.
(B) - Beam tracks the player as well as slow them down by 15%
Variant 2 (A) - The beam splits into a small tight triangle (by the corners) shape & has stronger aim assist.
(B) - Has a Charge shot before releasing a barely controllable beam, dealing 1.5+ damage than the normal variant + Extra Anti-Vehicle damage.

A cool plasma turret variant would be like the ultra ghost and shoot explosive bullets like the oni turret. It would be a greenish turquoise color.

This has never crossed my mind, actually. Splinter Turret variants would be sick.

It is strange that they never added covenant/splinter turret variants.

i just want the Halo 1 covenant turret

First they need to buff the plasma turret, its got the damage but the accuracy and round speed is just awful. Like when the machine gun turret and Plasma turret are mounted they’re both accurate but the machine gun turret doesn’t have reticle bloom. Then the plasma turrets reticle expands when you walk around with it. It’s so worthless and needs some tlc.

The AA turret could be an alternate version in general over being a stronger variant. And all turrets that dont have mounted versions (ONI turrets) should get mounted versions. And a regular variant of Jorges Chaingun should be available to forge with. Same with the Reach/H3/H4 plasma turrets. Plus the CE shade turret, H2 shade and H4 Shade would be nice little additions.

I do love your variant ideas