Plasma Rifle Confirmed?

So I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but if you look closely at a section of the Warzone Firefight trailer that was just released… you may see an old friend returning. At around 46 seconds in, if you paste and look to the bottom left corner near the radar, there is quite visibly a Plasma Rifle on the ground. And it’s a red one, which I suppose means that it’s a Brute variant a la Halo 2. This is exciting in itself, but do you guys reckon that the default Blue will also make an appearance? With the whole weapon variants thing 343i has got going on right now I think it would only make sense to have both versions, especially seeing as the Blue is the default.
What does everyone think about this? Excited? I know I am.

I sure hope that this is coming.

Yes that is defiantly the “Bloody Fist” which probably means the regular plasma rifle is also inbound.

I heard but didn’t notice. Can’t wait.