Plasma Pistol Weapon Guide (video)

Ok, two videos on time in a row, can I get +10 internets for that?

Anyways this weeks guide is, as the title so secretly hints at, is for the Plasma Pistol! It’s a fun little weapon that has some very strange damage properties. Anyways if you like this video, and find it worth your time, don’t forget to share it (wink wink).

OH and just one more thing. If anyone is interested I have started doing gamenights with my subscribers. They have been Halo 4 so far, but I’m going to begin alternating between Halo 4 one week, and a random FPS the next. But for the next 3 weeks I’m doing Halo 3, so if anyone is interested be sure to check that stuff out on my channel =).

Here are the highlights from the most recent gamenight:

Thank you all for your time and have a great weekend! Let’s hope for some awesome news from PAX!

This is the guide I have been waiting for.

Also, keep up the great work!