Plasma pistol/vehicles

Has this been addressed? The lack of the emp functionality that has been present for years is ridiculous. Who signed off on this garbage?


We have been asking this since the first beta seems like they dont care lol


So it seems. I just don’t understand who thinks these things are good idea.


Years? We just got the flight back in July, that’s the first time we even got to use the Plasma Pistol and the second Flight is where we really got to use it against vehicles. Halo 5 had an EMP function, so where is years coming from?

Though I agree that the EMP issue needs to be addressed. Had this one guy trying so hard to EMP stun me I felt bad and just jumped out of my vehicle to fight him one on one.

I’m guessing it was removed to give the Disruptor more of a role, with it being effectively the EMP-pistol. But instead of making the plasma pistol and the disruptor have distinct roles, the plasma pistol just ends up sucking. The TTK is too fast in this game for the overcharge pistol (with its poor tracking) to really feel useful.


I wasn’t a fan of the EMP, but I didn’t like OP Vehicles even more like in H2 and H3, which is why it became even a thing. Vehicles in Infinite are pretty OP as well, if not more, especially the Ghost.

I do wonder how it would work in Campaign, and they likely wanted to give that perk to another tool in the sandbox.

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It is a shame that they had to remove the EMP effect from the plasma pistol. It has been one of the most notable abilities the weapon has had and made what was otherwise barely better than spawning empty handed feel somewhat unique and useful.

If other weapons are going to have that ability, why not simply reduce the effectiveness of the EMP on the plasma pistol and let it keep it, rather than remove one of the most distinctive things about it?

For example, the EMP effect on the plasma pistol could disable vehicles for a shorter duration than other weapons more focused and specialised in doing so. Or only disable them some of the time rather than on every overcharged hit. (The latter introduces an element of RNG I think most players would dislike. It’s just one example of a potential nerfed plasma pistol.)

I really hate it when existing parts of the sandbox have to be lessened or removed to give new weapons that serve the same function a chance to shine.


I’m not really sure what the point of the plasma pistol even is anymore when Dynamo grenades are a superior weapon to it, seems like an oversight in the sandbox, this has been an issue raised during the flights too.

I do think the lightning weapons are pretty cool, and being able to stun vehicles is a core element of them so I don;t mind that, but yeah the plasma pistol not doing it is pretty aggravating. Especially since the weapon is really bad in the current sandbox even aside from that.

EMP feature might never come back since we have 2 weapons + nade type that does the job.
But it should get an damage buff like how it was in the CE days

I think it has more damage than in CE. You can actually get straight kills with it and has headshot bonus. The only difference is it has no stun effect.

It got this change in Halo 3.

Someone didn’t play the Bungie games.

I honestly don’t know what change you’re talking about, because with the exception of CE, 2, and I guess right now in Infinite, the Plasma Pistol has always been able to stun vehicles. So please do explain what change ya’ll are talking about.

And if you’re talking about me, I’ve played literally every Halo game aside from the Spartan Strike/Assault games. I’ve even completed LASO on every Halo game aside from CE, 2, and 5.

Your original comment came off as saying the Plasma pistol only started stunning since Halo 5. My b

How exactly are they more powerful there are two weapons and a grenade that can emp now not just a single weapon that only role was noob combo and emp.

I agree the plasma pistol is practically useless in this game. But I don’t see the argument when you have way more options to emp and can hijack from a mile away with grapple shot.

Yeah no, I am fully aware of how many games EMP stun on vehicles has been present lol. I’m trying to see how my previous comment might have come off saying that I only implied 5 had the stun feature. Maybe it’s just something that only makes sense to me since I wrote it?

Oh god I haven’t even tried using it on vehicles but this just kills it for me. The plasma pistol has always needed a bump in damage to health, and just barely survived on its emp function for shields/vehicles. If they take away the ability to temp cripple a vehicle it’s straight useless now. Infinite is SO responsive on control that most of the time you don’t even need a plasma blast to lower shields so there’s no reason for it to exist in the game if you can’t use it on vehicles