Plasma Pistol still needs buffs

It’s probably been said before but the Plasma Pistol needs a strong buff. I am playing the campaign right now and it’s just sad to see how useless it is even against Grunts, it really is at the bottom of the sanbox-foodchain at the moment. It takes around 7-8 shots to kill one with it.
Unlocking the Unbound PlasPistol I hoped that variant would be enough to make it worthwhile but it’s still bad.

Comparing the Sidekick - the UNSC equivalent - makes it even worse. I don’t see what’s in the way of just drastically increasing the damage output of that thing. It can’t be dual wielded anymore so there’s no reason to make it weak. The charged shot is useless outside of shield breaks and the normal shots deal puny damage. I think to compensate for the relative inaccuracy it would be fair to bump its DMG up a few notches. It’s still plasma that explodes on impact and should shred unarmored foes.

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considering the place of the disruptor which kinda replaced it I had thought the plasma pistol was a ai only weapon that was left over for some reason, I see no one using it in multi