Plasma Pistol overload on Allied vehicles

What a terrible idea.

So I just played a game on Exile where an allied player overloaded his plasma pistol on my Scorpion, forcing me to a dead stop in the middle of the battle. Of course, a Banshee destroys me while I’m immobilised and my ally proceeds to -Yoink!- my body after it flopped out onto the ground.

This feature is only inviting trolling like this, and should be removed.

This happens alot, I know, not everyone plays that way, just let it go, hopefully you don’t get paired with many people like that… ya know?

Yeah… stuff happens. People are -Yoinks!-. Good thing the Plasma Pistol can’t overcharge over and over. It runs out of ammo quickly.

This has been in the game since 3, get over it.