Plasma pistol no longer EMPs????

So I played on behemoth just now and I noticed the plasma pistol no longer emps vehicles. What is it good for now it’s too slow to noob combo now why even have it in the game?

Is that actually true? Oh :frowning:

It’s good for dealing with Overshield :slight_smile:

Yeah I find it dumb it’s gone. I get they are pushing the electric weapons, but give the plasma pistol more utility beyond dropping shields.

Wow, if this is true then this is a huge disappointing change. I noticed the new Shock Rifle weapon did EMP the Ghost. Also I believe the Electric Grenades also disable vehicles (Can’t remember the name of the grenade).

I don’t understand why they have to push old weapons to the side to make room for all of this new stuff it’s cool but not when it removes all of the previous stuff we loved

People of Reddit seem to think this is a bug, one claimed they were EMP’d by a bot in training and disabled their ghost and another said that the pistol EMP is sometimes bugging out and not taking off shields. That may have happened to me once actually. I assumed I missed at point blank range. Still might have, but yeah potentially just a bug.