Plasma Pistol Kills

Realistically, is playing Paintball on Action Sack the only real way to get plasma pistol kills? Even with how annoying, irritating, boring, and stupid it is? if so…this will take like a year :confused:

Took me about 2 weeks to do it in rumble pit. A quick way to kill someone in close range is two plasma pistol shots to the body, then one punch and then one plasma pistol shot kills them.
It was not as hard as I first imagined it to be (but still hard). You just need to be very accurate and hit with almost every shot you fire. And use frags or pulse grenades, those two are very useful.
I actually won a game of regicide with plasma pistol. I was so surprised, because I did not follow the scores at all.

I did mine in rumble pit. Ar shields down finish with pp.

You could try medal madness in action sack. Wait for the melee round and spam the pp. It doesnt overheat and has infinite ammo plus players whack each other till shields are down so you could poach some easy kills