Plasma Pistol commendation is really hard

Hello! I’m hacing trouple unlocking the plasma pistol commendation, it’s so difficult getting a kill with it. I know you can play paintball in action sack but it rarely shows up, and even rarer is it picked. Tips/Help please?

While I don’t have the commendation myself I usually just do a clean up kill. I have a friend going around smacking random people in the mouth and drawing fire away as I fill them full of plasma.

I found that shooting somebody with the PP twice, then meleeing them and then shooting them again will do the job. I was able to get around 5 or more per match.

> I found that shooting somebody with the PP twice, then meleeing them and then shooting them again will do the job. I was able to get around 5 or more per match.

I got 5-15 kills per free for all match.
It can get a kill if you land every shot. You need to be precise and calm when playing it.
At first, you may suck at it, I did too, but I got better after 100 kills.

And use that perk that makes you reload faster, I think it effects the overheating.
If you play team based gametype you will lost a lot of kills to your teammates.

It’s not really that tough, go into BTB and shoot people’s shields out and make the switch. Have the ability to swap weapons faster equipped and you should have no problem getting about 5-10 PP kills per game.

Bit of advice though: stay away from teammates and try to pick off stragglers. Once you are used to it start to box out your teammates and let there bullets hit you in the back of the head on infinity slayer you will be able to get the kills a bit more often.

At this point, I wouldn’t recommend going for commendations (unless you are very close to complete mastery which I doubt). The MCC is right around the corner and all stats are getting reset which means commendations will also be reset should they actually return.

If you still want to master it for whatever reason, I could only recommend Paintball and Rumble Pit. If Paintball doesn’t come up, you can always back out. If you have a low CSR in Rumble Pit, play that and vote Regicide. Even at higher level play, players often tunnel vision on the king making it easier to get the kill. At lower level play, you may as well be non existent. Just melee and start peppering.

Covenant SWAT is also a fairly viable way to get Plasma Pistol kills. I have been able to get 4-5 kills with the Plasma Pistol per match in the past. However it seems to get voted even less than Paintball comes up. What you could try is getting a team together so Paintball and Covenant SWAT are more likely to be voted.

Again though, commendations are not worth going for at this point (in my opinion at least) and I would much rather have fun playing the game than slave for weeks putting a hamper on both yourself and team to get a silly commendation.

Rumble pit is your best bet.
You don’t annoy teammates then, but be prepared for killsteals

Or if you have enough friends who want to complete the commendation. Get max players on rumble pit (no afk guest controllers!) and make a deal with everyone that you all use only plasma pistol. I think that doesn’t count as boosting, unless you all give others free plasma pistol kills. Some user here had that idea, not sure who it was.
I completed it alone in rumble pit, had a nice drop in K/D :stuck_out_tongue: