Plasma Pistol commendation help

So I started grinding out the plasma pistol commendation, but my god its aweful. This thing is not at all meant to kill people, its a support weapon against vehicles.

Was wondering, is there any easier way to get actual kills with the pistol itself or am I gonna have to keep doing what I’m doing( running around in slayer and trying to steal kills with it)

Try pulse nades THEN PP. since the pulse drains shields fast if you land it dead on. Also waiting around corners melee then PP works. Another method you can try is not firing it as fast as possible. I know it sounds weird but controlling your fire makes sure all shots land.

Its not even worth trying to be honest. Just enjoy the game, and stop focusing so hard on commendations. I’m sure you would have much more fun not being constantly frustrated, trying to get PP kils.

That said I really hope the make some of these commendations easier in the near future, that or just remove the stupid ones.

This is how I did it:

Use the Storm Rifle to strip their shields and continue firing for 2 or 3 more shots once their shield has already popped. Then switch to PP and finish them off.

This was the most reliable tactic I found and could get double digit kills with it in Regicide FFA on Haven/Solace quite regularly.

If you continue shooting with the Storm Rifle too much you just kill them with that instead which helps that commendation too!


Try shooting the enemy until their shields break, then finish them off with the Plasma Pistol.

Try playing Multi-Team. People are so scattered and confused that you can just take them out when they’re distracted.
I also see a lot of idle people in that game type. Free kill

This was posted by Almighty Cutie about a month ago on another thread. Here is a link to the thread Protector DRFT

I believe this is one of the more helpful tips I have seen regarding the PP commendation. Yes, it is a difficult one, but I think the main thing is you have to change up your play style. This is what is the most challenging for me with going for any of the weapon maxes. It keeps things interesting.

I hope this helps, and thank Almighty Cutie if it ends up helping you out.

Well, I’ve heard that Regicide is a great playlist for this, too. Multi Team would help, though. Another thing I’ve heard is that a melee followed by a few shots from the PP will usually result in a kill.

Like others have said, Regicide or maybe Multi-team. Rumble Pit gets Pro picked too often to grind anything but precisions. I’d recommend (if you have a 2nd controller) going into a private game and experimenting a little bit. A few shots followed by a melee followed by a few more shots is supposed to work well.

When you play Regicide on Simplex and Dispatch, memorize when the Overshield is picked up so you can get it (make sure you’ve learned the jumps from every angle to them unless you use jet pack. Overshield is usually 1 free kill against the unsuspecting haha

Shoot someone twice with the plasma pistol, then melee, then one more shot will kill them.

This is probably the fastest way to get a kill with it. Takes a while to get pretty good with it.