Plasma Pistol Buff?

Sure, it may seem a little far-fetched, but shouldn’t the plasma pistol be able to kill a player on its own?

Although it is capable of quickly dispatching a foe’s shields and temporarily stunning vehicles, it just doesn’t have enough stopping power to take down an opponent once the shields are gone. This was possible in Reach, but it is very unlikely to perform this action now.

If the magnum and boltshot are able to take out an opponent’s shield’s AND kill them, why shouldn’t the plasma pistol be able to do so too?

I disagree actually. The only thing they need to nerf about the plasma pistol is the accommodation to get kills with it. I mean, seriously. How do you get a kill with a weapon that is all about support? Its gonna be hell trying to 100% accommodations haha.

Personally a higher velocity per non-charged shots, slight more damage and the ability for headshots to deal finishing blows would make it nicer, if you used an emp blast to knock out shields, theres still a small downtime for the extra shots to be fired due to cooldown so it wouldn’t be too overpowered and would be more balanced.

And as for sidearms being balanced, I know someone would say it’d be too overpowered but…

Magnum has a zoom in function, fair accuracy for range and good fire rate.

Boltshot has a function which turns charged shots into shotgun blasts capable of 1 hitting any player

Plasma pistol has only emp technology, very slow shot velocity and high ammo consumption.

The plasma pistol is too much of an anti vehicle tool and not enough of a true sidearm. Im normally killed before I can shoot a precharged plasma bolt at someone and switch for a headshot. (Though it is a close one each time unless I can dodge shots or get back to cover well)

Yeah, in the current condition, getting that commendation for Covenant Weapon Mastery will be especially difficult.

Plasma has EMP, and doesn’t have to reload. The plasma has actually been buffed compared to the other Halo games (the charged fire seems to home onto targets easier).

Personally I think it’s fine as it is. Buff it anymore, and it will become the dominant pistol.

Then why not lower the time a vehicle stays emp’d a few notches and when a players shields are knocked down by emp (regardless of damage previously done) a quicker shield recharge delay to balance? Otherwise the wheelman perk from Operator negates emps. I don’t think the post was about making an uber side arm but to balance the plasma pistol so it could be used competitively against the other pistols in terms of straight up kills on enemies.

Plasma Pistol already is a big enough problem. No need to increase it so it can kill. EMP and taking down Shields make it a worth foe already.

It is a SUPPORT weapon for a reason. Not to mention, a charged blast will kill a shieldless player as is.

lol why? Best weapon against Vehicles.

> lol why? Best weapon against Vehicles.

To make the commendation for plasma pistol kills more viable, that or we could neggate the entire thread by changing it to successful emp blasts on enemy occupied vehicles.

Nope they neeeed to nerf it right now!??! it is sooo op.

While the plasma pistol is very effective against vehicles, its low ammo capacity prevents the EMP blasts from being used all the time, and it still wouldn’t get as many kills even if it was buffed because of the capacity.

Most players would probably prefer the magnum’s accuracy or a boltshot’s 1-hit kill blast over the plasma pistol anyway.

Yes, it is a support weapon, but should provide some sort offensive capability when not in the vicinity of teammates. If you don’t access to your primary weapon or any other weapon, what do you then?

Obviously I would love the PP to be able to track like in Halo 2, but that will never happen because of noobs. But I do think the regular shots need to pack a little more punch shielding and killing wise. I definitely could finish off shielded people in Reach if they were close enough and/or stupid enough.

Now that I think about it, the shots are probably the smallest in any game. I think the damage may be fine but if the shots were wider/bigger it would be easier to hit people accurately with it.

> lol why? Best weapon against Vehicles.

See people like this is why they should of have a Achievement to complete the whole game not just Campaign and Spartan Ops but unlocking everything in the game. Like all the Armor, Emblems, Stance, Loadout, Weapons, Grenade, Armor Ability, Tactical Package, Support Package, Specialization, and Complete the Commendation. If you had a achievement like that you wouldn’t have people like him saying stupid stuff.

The reason why the Plasma Pistol needs a update because it takes way to long to kill someone with it. Like why does 343 and bungie keep making weapons that are weak weaker and weapons that are strong stronger. The Plasma Pistol was beast in Halo CE but now its just suck to the point its just stupid.

> If the magnum and boltshot are able to take out an opponent’s shield’s AND kill them, why shouldn’t the plasma pistol be able to do so too?

If the plasma pistol is able to EMP a vehicle, why shouldn’t the magnum/bolt shot be able to do so too?

See how that works? Now we can follow this logic all the way to “every gun should have the same capabilities”, which as you can hopefully tell, is terrible.

Anyways, if you try and use the plasma pistol like the other 2 pistols, you’re doing it wrong. Every weapon has its pros and cons. The pros are that it can instantly take down enemy shields and disable vehicles, the con is that it’s bad at killing off enemies. This is called balance. Anyone who says it’s a terrible weapon clearly doesn’t know how to use it.

I completed the plasma pistol commendation today, the easiest way to get kills: 2 shots, melee, 1 additional shot. You’ll want to take pulse grenade, grenadier and ammo.

btw its like 900 kills in total.

I thought the Reach version was perfect. Leave the lock on alone but buff the damage it can do to make the commendation easier to get. As of now, i won’t even bother using it. I am not much in the way of having god tier stats but i can safely assume i won’t be doing that good when the best scenario is that i leave with a melee kill.

I think that a 75% charged plasma pistol should be able to kill a fully shielded player.

> I think that a 75% charged plasma pistol should be able to kill a fully shielded player.

Takes 12 shots(24% battery) to kill a freshly spawned spartan, drops to 8 shots(16% battery) without the shield.

i would love the ability to actually use the plasma pistol as a weapon