Plasma loadouts have ruind vehicular gameplay

Has anyone noticed vehicles getting less and less useful in each Halo? Reach started it big time, with the paper mache warthog being useless. Now everyone gets to SPAWN with plasma pistols and grenades. Making all vehicles (save the scorpion and guass hog) complete deathtraps.

I miss the vehicle carnage of previous Halos ;(

235 vehicle kills and 135 splatters tells a different story. I don’t see much of a problem with the plasma pistol. If the other team all has plasma pistols, guess I don’t need to worry about the boltshot.

I dont see that big of a problem with it. Try playin a to8 in btb when ur searching alone. Not to fun when they have control of every vehicle.

*without the plasma pistol

then you never played the earlier Halo games where your entire team gets slaughtered constantly because a Warthog/Ghost is camping your spawn. This at least gives the players a chance. Also using the plasma pistol drains it extremely quickly, so if I miss my charge shot there is a low chance I will live to fire a second even if I have enough ammo.

Giving Spartans the chance to use the plasma pistol also makes the vehicle drivers be more carefull instead of recklessly plowing through the enemy team as if they were playing Grand Theft Auto.

Plasma pistol can only do so much if the team with the vehicles is communicating and cooperating or the other team isn’t coordinating and playing well together.

Also, I’d withhold judgment on vehicular gameplay until we get some time seeing how much of an impact the vehicle-related specializations have.