Planting a grenade on a Hunter.

Ever since I watched Halo 4: Forward onto Dawn. I wanted to climb a back of a hunter and shove a grenade inside of it and hop off. Any idea if we will see this in the game? Because I would love to do that all day long.

It would make hunters way too easy. You can get behind them in seconds so an instant board/grenade plant would make them easy as grunts.

Only if you have to get it down to a certain health before you can do it. It’d be too easy if you could just mount it and plant a grenade. Even if it took multiple grenades, it’d get repetitive if you just had to mount it repeatedly (think Regret).

But, if you got it down to a certain level of health, and it’s armour came away, and then you could mount it and plant a grenade, I think it could work.

It’s be awesome but I agree that Hunters are way to easy to get behind to the point there they would not be a challenge if we could do assassinate-style kills to them

I was just thinking that last night after watching it. I’d like to see it, but as some have said, it’d make them too easy? But it’d still be awesome to do, even if it wouldn’t be a one grenade kill.

I’ve always thought this would be awesome. People always say it’d make them too easy but I don’t see how it’s any easier than what we’ve seen in the past. Hunters were never super difficult to kill, almost comically easy in the older games actually.

The best way to handle it IMO would be to first off make it so Hunters don’t expose their back for such a long time between melees. And second make it so you have to shoot the spikes off of their backs before being able to board them. I feel that would balance it pretty well.

With a decent AI, more damage and size-able health, this is a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to get get my face caved in by Hunter because I tried to board him at the wrong time.

I think this would be a great feature. I would say make it so the only time you can board them is when their back plate has been blown off. I can imagine it now: A Spartan ground pounds into the back of an unsuspecting Hunter, destroying its armor, to which the Spartan proceeds to quickly mount and tear out the Hunter’s worms, killing it. William style.

Give their back panel a significant health boost and when it detaches, you can board it if you get close enough. The Hunter AI makes it so it’s always facing you, and getting behind them gets you a good ol’ swipe to the face, so it should be a satisfying challenge.

Hunter boarding was actually cut from Halo Reach. Was deemed too easy to do.

I think that was actually cut from either H3 or reach. It’s even more easy then one shot killing hunters with a pistol in CE so it was scrapped. Hunters are supposed to be a challenge

its a nice idea but it would make hunter really under powered. Maybe if you destroyed the armour off them (unless to armour comes off easy) then you could mount them and plant the grenade maybe even requiring 2 mounts but I don’t see it being in the game.

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> Hunter boarding was actually cut from Halo Reach. Was deemed too easy to do.

I’m pretty sure it was already cut from H3. :stuck_out_tongue: