Plans for Halo 4?

I plan on dropping immediately into Multiplayer after I fix the control scheme, my armor, loadouts, pose, etc. Maybe campaign later in the day, after I get a a head-start in MM. I plan on dying as little as possible until I get a solid K/D.

My loadout-
Weapons: DMR, Magnum
Support Upgrade- Ammo or Awareness
Armor Ability- Active Camo or Promethean Vision
Specialization- Wetwork, Pioneer (When I first play), or Engineer
Grenade- Plasma

Armor- Recruit with Steel and Red Coloring
Pose- Probably similar to the Reach one
Emblem- No emblem, or the LE one

And your plans? Post them below.

I’m gonna start the Campaign on Legendary and play until I start dieing over and over, go play Multiplayer to train, go back to Campaign and play until I die over and over , rinse and repeat.

I plan on playing Campaign, or CoOp Campaign with my sister’s husband, and maybe my sister, I’ll leave MP for when my friends get a chance to play.

Matchmaking is first priority for me. I only got Xbox Live halfway through 2010, so Campaign became pretty boring for me. I’ll still complete the campaign, and I’ll probably enjoy it.

Finish Campaign, goof around on Forge.

I’ll be creating several new and old gametypes in Halo 4.
Be sure to search up my Fileshare every now and then.
My GT is II P u r 3 II.
That’s ii_p_u_r_3_ii

Also, FileShare search me on Reach.
I’ve got tons of great maps and gametypes.
And if you like them, please recommend them to your friends.
It’d be greatly appreciated.

Campaign a couple of times until I’m satisfied then I will hop onto MP every once in a while.

Play some Custom Games/Forge to get a feel of the game, Play a Bit of Co-op with my brother until he goes to bed, then Its Campaign Solo on Easy/Normal for minimal deaths, experiancing the storyline, and just feeling like a complete beast.

Campaign on Heroic, followed by MM in Wargames, jump into Spartan Ops when my friends log in.

Well, I’m gonna jump into Campaign, since it chronologically happens first and Canon is more important than getting a one day head start in multiplayer IMO (Not to mention we have no idea whether the opening MP video (if there is one) or any Spartan Ops missions, or MP related stuff will spoil Campaign)

Stats won’t last until you’ve secured a good 500 or so games anyway, and that’ll take a while. Note how at this point going +20 5 games in a row won’t even budge your K/D? Yeah, it won’t matter once the bulk of your games set in.

Legendary Solo start to finish.

Then I’m going to customize my Spartan with every available option. (If I can pick it off the bat, I will apply the Pioneer Specialization)

And immediately play the first Spartan Ops mission alone on Legendary.

Once I’m done with that, I will gather a group together for the other 4 missions available week one.

Then finally I will take a plunge into Multiplayer.

Armour/Skin: Haven’t decided just yet
Colours: White/Steel
Visor: Black

Primary Weapon: BR/Carbine/Storm Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Magnum/Plasma Pistol
Grenade: Frag/Plasma
Armour Ability: Thrust
Tac-Pack: Pioneer
Sup-Upgr: Uncertain

I’m jumping right in to Campgin, Heroic. Maybe Normal just to get used to it.
After about 2 missions, I’m going into War Games. After, of course, I enter my Pre-order/LE code(s) in. I’ll go into Infinity Slayer making people fear the Carbine.

As for loadout, probably:
Primary: Carbine
Secondary: Magnum
Support: Possibly the weapon that allows my shields to recharge faster.
Specilzation: When I get there, Rouge. Dat Carbine Skin <3
Plasma, but if we get to spawn with the EMP grenades i’ll give those a spin.

Recruit as Armor. Blue and Sage.

I’ll save Spartan Ops for my friends. Were not that good, but we get a laugh out of it.