Plans for a Clan Chill zone.

So I have this idea to have a map built purely for chilling out and practicing. I want it all combined, but the limit to the number of items is making this difficult. Below is a list of things i would like to implament into this zone.

  1. 1v1 arena

  2. Shooting range.

  3. Tele hub

  4. Garage (land vehicles)

  5. Hanger (Air vehicles)

  6. Lounge

  7. Air Obstacle course

  8. Ground Race zone

  9. Observations

  10. The Arena

For this, I want is to be used for practice in 1v1 fights, 2v2 if wanted. I also want there to be a way for other Clan members and friends to be able to observe certain matches, but not be able to interfere. This would be a good way for clan members to practice and possibly train one another. Sure, you could just go into matchmaking, but you can’t really get tips on how to improve during a battle.

  1. Shooting Range

A good place for the marksmen to practice their reflexes by having Fusion coils constantly launched from different directions. Snipers and other precision weapons will be available in a small armory located in the same facility.

  1. Teleporter Hub

All main areas will be interlinked by a series of Teleporters. There would be a teleporter leading to each of the zones:

Main zone(Tele 1)
-Shooting Range

Vehicle Depot(Tele 2)

Observation(Tele 3, and 4)
Air Observation
Ground Observation

4/5. Garage and Hanger

Both are pretty self explanitory. The Garage will house vehicles Such as the Warthog, Mongoose, Ghost and Revanent. The door for the Garage will teleport the vehicle to the racetracks to work on improving driving skills.

The Hanger has the same idea for the Falcon and Banshee. The exit will teleport them to the Air born Obstacle course, to practice in avoiding dangers and sharpenning ones pioleting skills.

  1. Lounge

I plan to have this spot for people to just chat and discuss in this room. The gametype i have in mind will only alow you to hear the people close to you. This zone will also let players have a spot to observe the whole map from a couple windows in place.

7/8. Ground and Air Courses

Both were mentioned before. The Ground will consist of a racetrack with a small number of mines and some ramps to practice keeping a vehicle on its wheels in awkward terain.

The Air course will have Fixed rocks and other solid objects to weave around, and plenty of mines to try to avoid while flying through.

Both zones will have an exit Teleport back to the Garage/Hanger to place vehicles and return to the main zone.

Both area’s will have kill zones around them too keep vehicles within their respective area’s

  1. Observations

For those who wish to observe the obstacles and races for the vehicles, there will be some observational boxes or towers placed to observe from a distance. None that can be reached by the vehicles of course.

So that about sums up my ideas. I just need a way to condense it all and make sure it all works. Does anyone have any suggestions? I dont have too much experience with forge in Reach.

Looks like This one wasnt needed. Please feel free to make suggestions and critiques.

Are you making this yourself?

I am hoping to, Im just hoping to see if there is anyone who may have any suggestions of how i should go about doing this while staying within the budget

Perhaps start with putting every item that you want in the map to one side, for example, Warthogs, Teleporters, Weapons, Fusion Coils, etc. That way when your budget gets close to depleting, you won’t be in a spot of trouble trying to place those kind of items on the map. After this you might want to roughly map out the layout for your map and just see how it goes and work with the budget.

Good luck with this project! And be sure to shoot me a link when its done. :smiley:

You can use Google’s Sketchup with Forge World components ( and to design your map before you even get to the Forge tool itself, and see what you can afford with the money limit. I’d recommend you do this, the learning curve on Sketchup is fairly low, and you’ll find that you’re able to put stuff together really fast to exactly what you want. There are some great tutorials on, if you don’t already have experience in Sketchup or 3D modeling. Good luck!