Plan to fix Multiplayer

There has to be a socials and a ranked playlist for halo to succeed. Otherwise the replayability just isn’t there. The join in progress, guest play, and people just playing around leave the playlists with a non competitive atmosphere. People there is nothing wrong with playing socials. It isn’t an insult. It just means you are playing for fun or not playing with absolute seriousness. Nothing made gameplay more competitive than the level system. It just added an element that makes halo…halo. This is my idea to fix the game

Playlist Setup

Team Slayer
Team Doubles (with custom forge maps to fit gameplay)
Team Snipers
Team Objective
Lone Wolves ( It can have game variants within such as regicide)
Team Swat

Socials ( playing socials doesn’t mean you are bad people)
Big Team Slayer (5v5)
Multi Team
#Then have a weekly grab bag playlist. It is ok to switch these out every week. Race gametypes, griffball, whatever else

Ranked Settings
friendly fire [on]
join in progress [off]
guests [no]
quit penalty [yes]
ordinance drops [no]

Jetpack, Thruster pack, Hologram

*Maps - The maps need to be gametype specific. Doubles probably will have to have forge maps. 343 can have weekly competitions for maps. The best maps can be voted on and become part of playlists. The current stable of maps doesn’t properly suit team slayer and doubles.

Ranked Skill System- Return the 1-50. Deranking results in a ban. Boosting will happen. But, it happens even in social playlists. It is a poison that is well worth suffering. I like the season idea that reach had. I think the rank should reset at the end of 3 months or so. Players get a unique badge, armor, or title to represent their accomplishment at the end of the season.

Feel free to add more. But, I think this alone would go a long way into making this game back into what halo should be.

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