Plan First Day O' Halo 4

We recently got even more halo 4 news so…
What are you gonna do your first day. Play campaign sprinkle some MP with friends?

Campaign, campaign, campaign.

> Campaign, campaign, campaign.

> Campaign, campaign, campaign.

Lol pretty much the same here, except co-op campaign

Dat Campaign with a party of 4 and a case of REDBULL on legendary

Then BTB with 8 and more Redbull

Split screen campaign all the way through with my bro, then Spartan Ops, then multiplayer.

Co-op campaign on Legendary most likely.
If not, SP campaign on Heroic.

I’ve not yet played a Halo game’s MP before completing the campaign, and hell if I’m going to now.

play campain all night

> Dat Campaign with a party of 4 and a case of REDBULL on legendary
> Then BTB with 8 and more Redbull

Midnight release co-op campaign at a friends. After that, I’ll pick up my copy of the Limited Edition and solo it on Legendary. Then some War Games. Not sure when I will end up doing Spartan Ops, though I am very excited for it.

> play campaign all night

I’ll be going to school, then over to my friend’s house to play the campaign!

campaign, then camping.

1.) Forge.
2.) Campaign.
3.) Multiplayer, when I’m finished playing campaign, or maybe halfway through or something.

My schedule will turn out something like that anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most true Halo fans will start with campaign first.

Play a bit of custom games/forge to get a feel for the controls, then when my brother goes to bed and leaves me alone, Halo 4 campaign all night, or until I get tired and go to sleep.

I’m going to start with Campaign on Normal, follow that up with some Matchmaking, do some Forging, check out the Custom options, and take a look around Theatre mode.

Watch people stream the game.

I think I will try forge and multiplayer first. I got the LE and I got nine extra maps to look at. I bet some are forge maps too so I will be in forge a while. LOL. I will still play on campaign though.

Coop campaign with my sister on Normal. Once that’s done, on to Multiplayer, and then back to campaign for a Legendary run-through!