Places for your opinion

I posted an anti-racism post not long ago and I’ve received a rant because of where I posted. Do I care? Short answer? No. Long answer? If you post on my posts ranting about how I’m posting in the “wrong place”, please know that no matter how many microscopes I use, I still can’t see your point. I’m posting my opinion, if you don’t like it, block me, don’t reply, I don’t care! If you think being offended by something so small and insignificant as where I voice my opinion on a matter that I address (because I’m sick of the racism I’ve been hearing in my parties lately) makes you right, then I’d really like to know how. You’re trying to start beef over nothing. I posted it in a place you don’t like, get over it.

This goes out to all those who decide to reply to my racism post ranting about how I posted in the wrong place. I deserve to voice my opinion. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to reply. No matter where I post it, it doesn’t change the fact racism is bad. So stop posting on my topics about what section of a forum I’ve posted in. If you don’t like it, either scroll on or block me. I’m getting my point across, its not a big deal where I post it.

There wasn’t really a need to post a thread about this considering you already made your point in the other thread.

Closing as this isn’t a support issue