Placeholder effects?

After having played both Infinite flights, my biggest visual gripe was the effects of the explosions. Booted up Halo 3 today and just realized how sorry they looked in comparison. Halo 3 grenades have actual life and volume to them. Plasma grenades look exactly how you would imagine a ball of plasma violently exploding, and the regular grenades have cool particle and smoke effects in general.

Really just hoping the Halo Infinite ones are placeholders, as they are literally just 2d animated images without any soul or depth to them. Fusion coils, vehicle explosions, rocket explosions, the explosion of the banished fuel depots, all without character. If these aren’t placeholders 343 has some work to do, whether that be before or after launch.


Yes they really look pretty sad and cheap. Sadly i can’t answer the question if it’s a placeholder or not.

I hope 343i improve the effects of the nades and explosions.

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Huh, I never really noticed the lack of effects when playing the flights, I thought they looked good. But it would make sense that it will be the final release version as the games coming out pretty soon

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I agree with this


I’ve created a topic of this exact issue before the website got a reboot, so here we go again.
I agree with everything. All the effects in this game, no exception are incredibly bad looking and they didn’t receive the same graphical upgrade as the rest of the game. They lack weight, depht, particles and bloom effects. They have this flat oversaturated tone that looks like paint splashes and the effects fade out way too quickly, specially the plasma effects/explosions and the laughable hard light disintegration effect.
I really hope 343 adress this issue, because it seems like all the effects were deliberately simplified and downgraded.


Indeed, plasma grenade explosions look like a cartoon water balloon popping.


The visual effects for fire, explosions and sparks need to have closer parody to halo 3. Those visual effects as of now bring down the graphical presentation and artstyle so much. I hope they address this. I can’t imagine playing with those lackluster effects for years.