Pixel-Perfect Ascension (Pinnacle) Remake

I slaved for 4+ hours today on this remake.

I had a Xbox running Halo 2 next to me on a smaller TV, making sure I align the details from Halo 2 onto Halo Reach perfectly. I also killed my self 70 times to find all of the Halo 2 spawns and translate them to Halo Reach.



will take a look

I’ll most certainly queue this for download. Is there any chance you could slave a little longer and add some screenshots to this thread? Haha.

I think pretty pictures would persuade other users to download the map.

ill take a look

just took a look at it last night and am pretty impressed. are you planning any more edits for it, or is it complete?

if yes, then we’ll give it a test run this Saturday to see if we find any problems with it. if no, then i’ll add it up on the remakes thread.

overall, great work on this.