Pitch ideas to make mythic weapons interisting!

I was not a fan of the hoard of reskined weapons in halo 5 however i do think the concept of having “mythic” versions of some weapons is a cool concept and a few req vairants stood out. However often times what are supposed to be the coolest, “mythic” weapons in 5 were simply reskined versions of a normal weapon with a power up attached. Having played destiny its obvious exotic weapons in that game were much more attractive. So post some ideas for what perks or abilities you would add to make some of halo 5’s mythic weapons more

Prophets Bane: Remove the invis power. slightly longer lunge range then regular sword and significantly more damage (only usefull against ai or overshielded oppnents). Finally “energy drain” gain 5% ammo back on a kill against shielded opponents ai or spartan.

Sword worthog: this was a cool one. keep the same but give the needle chaingun its own design making it a truely unique vairant like the rocket and gauss hog.

Oathsworn: perhapse give it an alt fireing mode when zoomed (normal shotguns should not have a zoom!!) where you fire one slug with longer range?

Nornfang: instead of being a reskin of the normal sniper rifle give it its own design. Perhapse have zoom settings instead of 2? Although that might just be annoying to cycle through?

H2 beam rifle beta/the answer: these were pretty cool with the vortex and explosive rounds abilities, but if a weapons gona be a point of intrest it has to have a unique design, not just some markings on the skin of the normal weapon. Ofc with h5 dev time was limited but with an extended dev time maybe these weapons can shine with their own models.

Ce magnum: this thing is powerfull enough on its own. It dont need no powerup.

-Tier 4 energy sword: dual wielded swords with 10 ammo each. Gives you same speed boost as the normal energy sword but increases your maximum shields.
-named characters weapons: Emile’s shotgun, Chief’s assault rifle, etc

  • tier 4 incineration cannon: fires multiple overcharged blasts that seek vehicles
    -tier 4 light rifle: fires 2 shots at once when zoomed in