Who here is hopin that the Halo 4 pistol will be better than the abomination that was the Halo 3 pistol.

Automag ftw.

i hope its better maybe like the reach pistol a little

how about we go back to the odst or halo 2 pistol, at least the model anyway. i like them because they dont have that weird bump at the firing end and their black. I just want something different looking then the classic halo pistol.

Like the ODST pistol or reach pistol or have both in the game because they are both around that time.

God Pistol FTW.

I want the fire rate from reach and the power from halo ce and the color and design from odst

ODST pistol please. Actually, as long as it can headshot grunts, i don’t care what it looks like.

Halo 3’s pistol was good, it was a 5 shot. Dual wield and you’ve got an effective way to kill people.

ODST/CE pistol for long range

Fixed Halo 3 pistol for power

Auto pistol because its amazing and actually exists in the halo universe

A large magnum revolver like a mauler from Halo 3.

Neither of them. New forunner pistol FTW!

H3’s magnum was an incredibly terrible abomination. It wasn’t a gun, it was a joke. A bad joke. >:(

If I had a blowpipe and some pebbles I could probably do more damage than H3’s pistol. But the Reach pistol is actually pretty close to how a Halo pistol should act, it’s a pretty effective sidearm if you used a whole clip of your primary weapon and don’t have time to reload.

We shouldn’t have to worry about the H3 pistol returning because I seriously doubt 343i would go back to that weird finite bullet speed model H3 had. The Reach magnum is great since you can defend yourself off spawn against people at mid range but it preserves the incentive to upgrade to a DMR/NR. I really hope they keep it in a similar form for Halo 4.