Pistol Suggestion

Thank you for bringing this back!!! I am enjoying it very much.

My suggestion would be to add ammo on the maps. Yes I can kill someone and take their ammo, but sometimes its not probable on maps like Hang 'em High and Prisoner. I would have to compromise position for ammo. I know this is another strat to the game. But when I don’t waste my ammo and I still run out, its a bit annoying.

Thank you for reading!

Hilarious, I just posted in the “big disappointment” thread. It says a LOT about how much this isn’t CE multiplayer that you have no pistol ammo on the map!

I understand that this was not going to be Hal CE reincarnated. And I understand that they didnt have much time to make it.
They “remastered” the campaign for the people new to the Halo Universe to see the origin of the story.

But what MADE Halo CE so great was the multiplayer. People normally play campaign once or twice then never pick the game up again. With multiplayer, you can play endlessly! Halo CE had the perfect system. The weapons were balanced. If you had rocket and I had pistol, I would have a good chance of killing you too. The only advantage you had was skill and intelligence. Then Halo 2 came out and now any soccer mom can pick up the controller and have a little success.

I still like Halo, but because they dumbed down the game play, it made it less competitive and more recreational. Which I guess is smart business wise. More people can play and have fun!

The Halo CE Anniversary isnt all bad. It has brought back a bit of that feeling I use to get playing Halo CE. Packing up my Xbox, controllers, cables, router, etc and going to someones house to play because they talked smack over XBC.

ALL PEOPLE WANT IS TO MAKE HALO CE AVAILABLE ON XBOX LIVE. <-----Can someone tell me why this would be so hard to do?