Pistol needs a damage buff it’s so inconsistent

The pistol is the most inconsistent gun I the game one minute you shred with the next you shots are paper bullets why is there bloom on this gun it’s so pointless…. It’s another random dmr spread I hate it…. A lot of the guns are weak in this game I don’t get why the ravaged was severely nerfed make the guns good to use not inconsistent and random. The BR and Ar are the only thing to use at this point pathetic….

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not really. For a starter weapon it’s almost too good imho. It’s meant to be a “Sidekick” wich implied that is a secondary weapon. I often outgun AR and BR player with the sidekick, wich feels wrong to me.

Even HiddenXperia said, while he killed a BR player with the sidekick “thats not how it should be”

I get what your saying but there are so many times when headshots don’t register with this gun period…

The bloom is to stop it being viable long time anger, kind of like how the Mangler has bullet drop. It’s to make it less effective so that you use it CQB where is is designed. Best method is to place the final headshot without spamming, but you can spam down the body if you need to.

that’s not a problem of the gun. The server connection and/or tickrate and ping are the problem in that case.

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Okay but the AR has better range than the pistol rn

It’s a problem with the weapon other weapons aren’t having that issue

Bloom is objectively garbage.

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The Sidekick is just so weak and inconsistent now, I really use it as a last resort plus the first thing I do is replace it with something else except for the Mangler which is totally useless.

Its not that the pistol is too weak/inconsistant…its that the AR is too strong

Remember, the pistol isn’t like the H5 pistol, its not a utility weapon
Its a traditional side arm now, your last resort used to clean up kills, not depend upon to get them

Well than it shouldn’t be in btb or as a starting weapon at all and yea the ar
needs looking at too

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I agree, personally I want to see BR starts across the board, but thats just me

and IF BR starts become a thing, I’d like to see it move from hitscan back to projectile like in H3


Also, ^ this. BR starts everywhere, projectile not hitscan.

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I don’t think it needs a damage buff, I think it needs a magazine increase.

As it stands you can only get 1 kill with the Sidekick even with perfect accuracy.

I’m not sure where to begin with this one.

The Sidekick is a strong weapon imho, a little on the edge off too strong, coupled with the AR, which is already pretty solid, but a Sidecick can out gun someone shooting at you with an AR, even at range the Sidekick can mess you up, two people with a Sidekick can mess you up something fierce.

The Sidekick is a little strong, and the grenade spam really, really doesn’t help.

That’s intended yes to make casual play more enjoyable for the average player.

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Dude the sidekicks headshot registration is terrible….

I do not want another Halo 5 situation, the pistol shreds and rewards you for well times shots with the bloom system, I still get cross map sniped by it.

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Dude the sidekicks headshot registration is terrible….

It really isn’t. You will melt if two people could at you with the Sidekick and land their shots.

You are wrong there are plenty of times when the bloom makes headshots in effective…. It’s another random pointless gun that takes no skill to use because of bloom mechanic bloom is random end of story…. I’ve had enemy shields stripped to 0 and the landed 3 shots with the sidekick either in the body or the head and no damage was done. This sidekick in inconsistent and random end of story… it needs to be looked at