Pistol is absolutely useless

Might as well just remove it from the game


Don’t need another topic on this, one is enough:


How does a modded controller circumvent bloom?

I don’t see how it circumvents any aspect of the sidekick.

Devs have a set firerate for the sidekick and there’s no way to bypass that without hacking the game. You can’t just rapid-fire it or the game won’t register the trigger presses.


I’m skeptical, I’m not sure how that would work from a hardware perspective. I’m no expert, but I don’t think hardware like a controller is capable of injecting scripts into a game that overrides base game functions like fire rate caps or bloom functionality. Macros and AI thumb stick recoil reduction are really the best that can be done from what I’ve seen.

Is there any video proof of this from a first person perspective?


That’s what we call hacks. Insta ban.


This is dis-gus-ting. I really really don’t understand where’s the fun inthere. Make me sick.


Wow thanks for letting me know, i’ll play infinite even less now. is the other half not playing infinite at all because of cheaters?


This isn’t bloom reduction though, this is AI assisted recoil reduction.

I’ve already purported that macros and tech like the Cronus are the most of what external hardware is capable of.

Macros could maximize ROF only up to the ROF cap, but by doing so triggers the bloom which reduces accuracy and hinders the point of maximum ROF.

Cronus is a little more devious in that it artificially counterbalances vertical recoil leading to better crosshair placement, but it doesn’t affect bloom either.

The only thing that can reduce bullet spread is modification of the data to reduce bullet spread.

Wild claim to make followed by another wild claim.

Unfortunately the best video I could link as an example has the cheat being advertised in the description so I won’t post the video, but active aim hacks are actually very simple to identify from a first person perspective.

Here’s a video on CSGO hacks as an example of how to identify certain hacks. Keep in mind some of these aren’t feasible in Infinite as they rely on console command access to pull off, to which Infinite doesn’t allow base user access.


Also I’m pretty confident that cheaters do get banned regardless of console.

I have personally gone through the hoops to report an individual that was very clearly using wallhacks which followed up with his Halo Tracker profile being voided.

Also there’s this:


Cheating and desync mostly.

Eh either way it’s cheating.

I never said they weren’t. I said that people who are cheating arent getting banned. And if they do they make a new account and are right back at it. That’s why you’ll notice people who you suspect of cheating usually have less then a thousand gamerscore and are fresh accounts.

But either way cheating is an issue. And modded controllers and things like cronus are an issue. And easy to catch also. But not really from a anti-cheat.

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Clearly I have been living under a rock when it comes to gaming technology because I had never heard of a Cronus before but this is eye opening. Are these used more by PC players or console players? It seems like this thing can literally increase aim assist, reduce recoil, and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

On what planet does the sidekick suck? It is used as a primary weapon by so many people in AR/Sidekick start games. It needs to be nerfed vs shields if anything


Sorry I meant the plasma pistol

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You should edit the topic title to reflect that then. Not many people call the Plasma Pistol just “the pistol” so most people will think you’re talking about the Sidekick.


Nah most of the cheaters I’ve come across use the sidekick.

Hugely unclear. But yes the plasma pistol is totally worthless garbage.

Have to agree here. The lock-on is non-existent


My first response to anyone who says “weapon A sucks” is to check your accuracy at the end of the match

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I do get some use, but it is one of the most situational weapons out there. It’s better when your double teaming people where your teammate has a precision weapon for headshots after you strip shields, and of course the over shield, feels satisfying to strip them of their perk and headshot them afterwards.

That’s about it though.

Although, I will add that if your going up against groups of people, I’d definitely trade it off for something better suited for groups. Plasma Pistol was definitely more favorable for small encounter situations as well.

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