Pistol has 2 rounds? Custom game lag? Other bugs?

K so wtf, my magnum in custom games whenever i spawn has 2 bullets and there is some weird ping delay or something i have fibre internet so im good and so is my friend. and in matchmaking there is literally destiny -Yoink!- lag with players and guns switching for no reason like ill reload or be low on ammo and it willl switch to my AR. its getting annooyinnng fAAAMmmMMMm ive ttired -Yoinking!- everything i worked 16 hours and -Yoinking!- drove 2 hours home and have to do this 6 days a week and have a tournament on saturday and halo is being a C UU MMMMMMMMMMM

thnzx FAMMMmMM <3

Based off your work schedule 20 hours a day you don’t need to be playing halo or worrying. ( 20 comes from your 2 hours drive home so you must drive 2 hours to work)