Pistol firing speed - are we that slow


Quick question, a few friends of mine were playing attrition (really enjoying this variant) and we came across a few players last night who could kill us so fast with the pistol. Even if we got the drop on that player and we’re able to land 1-2 shots they would have us down before we could land the 4th or 5th shots and that is us pulling the trigger (controller) as fast as we possibly can. So is this….

  1. Keyboard and mouse player?
  2. Elite controller?
  3. Other controller mod?
  4. Cheater of some sort?

We were baffled at the speed. I wouldn’t say we are the absolute fastest players out there but we are definitely not as slow as that player made us feel.


Most of this is just sweaty KBM, but there are some out there that are using ambot ABC can basically just hammer theme mouse/controller at insane speeds because they don’t have to aim. Again though, it’s more about the gap between controller and KBM than actually cheaters.

Thanks for the reply, I was leaning KBM or elite controller but was interested in seeing if other people were running into this.

The Elite controller, and other hair trigger controllers don’t increase rate of fire. It just saves milliseconds on the very first shot.

And I mean like 2-5ms tops.

Kbm can mousewheel the trigger, but it’s not that hard to reach the RoF cap of the pistol so I don’t think it’ makes a difference.

Chances are you got beat by team shots.


When I experience the same, it mostly turns out they were KBM/PC Players.
Sooo…disabling Crossplay one day could help a little…

Yes, this. Disabling the cross play boogie man won’t fix what these players are experiencing because it’s really not hard to hit max ROF on a standard Xbox controller.

Like you said, fighting an enemy with a shorter pull might enable then to win on that last shot by a few MS but that’s it - it won’t be a multi-shot difference. You don’t have to fully depress the trigger to register a shot on a regular controller. If you are losing the trigger all the way down before releasing for your next shoot you have serious room for improvement

The sidekick has one of the fastest perfect kill times in the game. Just over 1 second. Much faster than the BR or AR. You’ll get outgunned QUICK by someone with a sidekick who lands all their shots.

Likely a mouse.

There are things that can auto fire etc. For you but those are cheats and rare.

Basically you cant aim accurately and spam on controller as fast as a mouse, either the speed or accuracy will take a hit.

Do know there are desync server issues (I think crossplay has made that WAY worse) but basically you can have hits that wont register so even if you hit every shot they may not all count.

More than likely team shot or there was some lag involved. The player probably started shooting you before you even saw him.

Did it feel like this?


The sidekick is the most aggressive frustrating victim of input lag and desync in the entire game.

Because of latency and ping, some games it feels like certain people are shooting you with an SMG because all the bullets connect nearly at the same time.

Could they just slow the max fire rate?

In a vacuum (on LAN for instance), it’s not a problem other than being somewhat random.

It’s the dumpster fire online matchmaking servers that are to blame

That is a good idea!