pistol delay and Assault rifle stops firing

on all my profiles my pistol has a huge fireing delay where my pistol takes longer fire and then my assault rifle stops firing or it burst fire when i am holding the fire trigger button down i been having issue only on halo 5 .

i got brand new controllers and i got comcast high speed internet with 40ping 80:00 download speed 15.00 upload speed .

i rest my xbox no luck on fixing the issue and i just deleted halo 5 to redownload it to see if it will fix the issue.

343 will you fix ,my issue please with my pistol delay and assault rifle that stop firing out of blue and doing burst firing .

some reason i am the only one having issue on halo 5 where my pistol has a huge delay and my assault rifle stops firing out of blue and keep burst firing .

i just got my brand new xbox controller yesterday and just use it play halo 5 and this issue is really annoying can anyone or 343

do anyone know how to fix this issue i am having that no one else is having .

when i play halo 5 in custom game my assault rifle fires normal and does not auto burst fire or have delay in my pistol but when i play rank or warzone my assult rifle and pistol has a huge delay and my assault rifle burst fire or stop shooting out blue random.

i have no issues on other games or halo 2 or halo 3 or halo 4 by using assault rifle or anything.

i heard people say its your server 343 end not my end that its messed up or broken that is why my assault rifle does that and there nothing i can do fix it unless fix unless you fix your end .

my assault rifle burst fire or stop firing out of the blue there some thing wrong with game and servers

I have same problem with the assault rifle . It abruptly stops when i play ranked team slayer matches and when my gun is targeted on the opposing player. I wish someone has the answer to fix