Pistol attachments?

so in the Feb update preview picture at the bottom with the weird DMR thing there are some blurred out pictures of what look pistols, with attachments :open_mouth:
do you guys see this?

EDIT: umm now that I think about it they could be smgs :frowning:

I know right! that’s gonna be awesome if they finally give that to us.

Yes plenty of people have pointed this out. Hopefully they aren’t smgs and we’ll finally get some magnum variants.

honestly wouldn’t mind some variants of the magnum if it was for a req card but not for spawn load outs, that would be too much. Weapon balance would be crazy if they made the pistol “better”. They’d have to make it like an auto version with more but weaker bullets, otherwise no. Whispered Truth as a spawn weapon!?!?! Playing against that without one would be like Warzone before you get a DMR for your loud out.

If they do add loadout Magnum variants the only thing that would seem appropriate would be a laser sight, silencer maybe an extended barrel, but it’d have to be a level 2 req or it would be pointless with the BR at level 3.

Would be nice to see a couple of attachments for magnum, like laser sight or something