Pistol and Assault Rifle: Updated Tuning or Maintain?

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a fan of how powerful or how long range the assault rifle is, as well as how weak the pistol is with accuracy and range along with its very quick rate of fire.

Anyone else think the assault rifle needs a little less range? Anyone think the pistol needs a slower rate of fire, increased range and damage? I personally think the best all around pistol was Halo 5s? Agree or disagree?

The AR is right, maybe add a bit of damage falloff.
The BR should be a bit better against the AR in the mid-range, and a bit more powerful overall.
The Commando $ucks, it needs either a damage increase / bloom reducing / more ammo or a mix of that.
The Pistol is good, I think it should have a bit more bloom and a damage falloff increase.

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So in matchmaking they did a slight AR nerf where the “perfect” kill requires one more shot and the non perfect kill needs 3 extra shots.

Right now it’s 15 shots if you aim for the head, 1.25 seconds time to kill
Then 20 shots if all to the body, 1.65 seconds.

Personally I think they need to completely get rid of the headshot bonus damage. Then you buff the normal damage so that instead of 20 shots to kill, it’s the “perfect” 15, but slow the rate of fire to match the time to kill of the 20 shot.

So 15 shot kill no matter where you hit, time to kill of 1.65 seconds.

A perfect BR would kill faster at 1.55 seconds which makes sense since getting a perfect requires more skill.

The sidekick needs less bloom. Tone it down by like 25% and it should feel more consistent.

I agree, and I’ll keep saying it in every single thread.