Pissed at 343

There’s much to dissent about Halo 4 but my real disappointment is with 343 itself. Their apathetic disposition to its fans’ pleas for regular Halo content is intensified when starving us of frequent communication.

What form Halo takes is a thriving debate on the forums but every bit as valid is the competency of its developer. What changes when our new devs focus on their designed experience over the traditional offerings its adopted community has come to expect from a Halo game? Why give us less?

Of course tensions could be smoothed if the powers-that-be open a dialogue. A weekly news drop isn’t sufficient. Bungie was very close with its community and staff posted to the forums regularly. I get its the holidays but this relationship despite the rhetoric has been all about you.

Listen to the community, talk to us, and deliver the Halo we remember.

Here Read This Bad Boy

You’ll enjoy it I promise.


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Your not alone.

>Halo 4 Gone To Shame<

That is a ginormous wall of text but I read it. While there are rants of the game, it can’t be ignored that 343 is managing this game poorly. I’d deal with the changes if the same playlists, options, and features were still available. I’ve addictedly played each Halo game since Halo 2. I haven’t played Halo 4 War Games in over a month. What I want isn’t there. Again I have to ask, “Why give us less?”