Piss poor matchmaking

Hey, 343. How about you stop stacking teams just because someone is about to level up? Every time I am about to increase my CSR to the next level, I either go up against a team that is MUCH higher ranked or I get placed with teammates that don’t know there head from a hole in the ground. Example: I had one more game to rank to gold 6 in slayer and this was the team set up. Them: Plat 2, plat 1, gold 5, unranked. Us: gold 5, 3 unranked. Very next game. Them: 2 Plat 2, gold 4, unranked. Us: gold 5, 3 unranked. There have even been matches that I have been in where the other team consisted of diamond 6, diamond 4, platinum 6, platinum 5.

I’m dying to know how this is what you consider balanced gameplay.

You may want to take a page from Bungie’s matchmaking. At least they knew who to do it right.

Same thing happens to me, if you win more than 3 game the matchmaking will make sure you,lose the next 5.

Got to agree. Most of my games are either total domination or total annihilation. Been stuck on Plat 5-6 and get matched up against onyx/diamond

I just played a couple swat games that included players that were well below everyone’s skill level, and ended up going minus 12 and worse. Thanks 343 for making a balanced game. It’s been out for months and it is still crapola.