Pirates, Crime and the Underworld

In the Halo Universe, the topic of crime hardly appears. The only two major occourances that I have heard of are Jackel Pirates, the abominable Commissioner Kinsler and those greedy enough to rob the casino in ODST’s “Saidie’s Story”. I’d love to see the lore expand upon Crime in all its manners, and I have some examples of what lore ideas could be expanded upon.

  1. Crime Syndicates: Organised Crime, undoubtedly, still will exist. I think that this fact could be expanded upon to make a new Human Faction in Halo. These Crime Syndicates could have different slimy allegiances, either with other Criminals, Aliens or even the Authorities. Their trade could include the usual illegal substances and weapons, yet it could also include Alien or UNSC technology, data and the like. Entire outer colony systems could be under the control of the Syndicates.

  2. Piracy. We already know that piracy in the Halo Universe occurs in the form of Jackal Pirates (I do believe that Jackal Pirate where also mentioned in Halo 5). This concept of Piracy in the Halo Universe could be expanded upon to include Humans and Brutes in addition to Jackals and it’d be cool to see or know of more encounters with pirates within the Halo Universe, whether in the games or in the expanded lore.

  3. The Underworld in Halo (specifically crime that occurs within cities) I do not believe has been truly fleshed out and expanded upon. It could spice up stories in game or as the written word to have encounters with these criminals, possibly simmillar encounters to those that we could possibly get with pirates.


The planet…Venesia? If I spelled it right, is a hotbed for this type of thing. One of it’s major cities is home to alot of scrappers, pirates, gangs, crews, loaners, syndicates, etc. What’s really interesting about it though is that alot of the crime groups in the Halo lore are cross-species. The Rion Forge trilogy of books dipped into the crime side of things quite a bit which was very interesting. I’d love to see this side of Halo explored more often because it’s very very cool and unique too.

One big thing to look at as well, is that our new lovely red friends, The Banished, are known for collaborating and being a big player in the crime underworld so as to get their hands on more tech/weapons/power and even numbers. A good portion of the folks that work within the Banished are guns-for-hire, mercs, killers, veterans from the war looking to make money and other similar types. Of course, a big number of those being Kig-Yar but we’ve also seen Sangheili, Unggoy, even Hunters and Humans too partake in these crime syndicates and partner up with the Banished.

Military Police has been mentioned very often in the Halo Universe, and there are even Spartan MP teams running around. I’d love to get a book about a team of an MP Spartan and other MPs working to take down a crime syndicate or particularly dangerous pirates.

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Ya vanesia has a tonne of crime.
OP if you haven’t read the Kelly Gay novels I think those would be something you’d enjoy, pirates, salvager and crime are all part of those stories plus some crazy forerunner stuff.

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Anyway, I also wanted to add.
Troy dennings novels has a big focus on espionage and large powerful illegal entities. Hitmen and the like.

Theres also the hunt the truth audio series that has jackal scavengers that are amazing and scary.

The books in question are also all available in audio book format if that’s more your thing.
So audible is a good way to get more of what you are looking for.
Hope that helps


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