Pioneer helmet bug/flaw?

The Pioneer helmet seems to be busted, the two round visors on the helmet are just flat base armor color instead of changing with your chosen visor like they did in Halo 4. I’m unsure if this is an oversight by the artists or a design choice by 343 to remove the visors from the helmet. I’d hope to see this fixed somehow, the helmet looks nowhere near as awesome without the two round “eyes” on the front.

Here’s a closeup of the visor-less helmet in Halo 5.

lol at that helmet

Thanks for the contribution, really though as bad as you may thing the helmet looks… it looks a lot worse now.

Yes, this should really get fixed. Finally someone noticed.

Thanks for the bump, though I’m doubtful that they’ll fix it at this point.

Yea, it’s been one of my favorites ;(

This needs to be fixed now

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