Ping Tweaks, Forge Flights, & Other Feedback

First, I think the game is looking and playing tremendously. The work done is impressive and looks to be the best Halo Multiplayer ever, fullstop.

But I believe it can be improved.


  • Offers contextual marker on map
  • Visibly clear regardless of where you are on the map
  • Feels delayed, not immediate in the current build. Compare with Apex Legends and how pings are instantaneous information to the team.
  • Lacks contextual options. Offering a double-tap that indicates there’s an enemy in the area is my biggest desire. I found myself trying to indicate there was an enemy around a corner, only to lead my teammates to a swift death.

+/- Big team consideration. A lot of pings will fill the screen. I’m hesitant to say you should make a ‘Ping limit,’ as sometimes there’s a reason to spam pings. But offering the option to mute griefing-‘spammers’ from pinging in-game would be great. You could go a step further and create an option in settings that allows Party-Member’s pings to always go through if you did introduce a ‘ping limit.’


  • AR/BR feels perfectly viable and well-tuned. BR feels like it fills a mid-tier power weapon role and I love it.
    +AR/Sidekick: feel like the perfect starting weapons. Amazing. So fun and both are just excellent.
  • Needler: sounds good, looks good, plays great.
  • Skewer: Functionally perfect. Hard to hit, instantly rewarding, but a punishing reload. Add Crackdown 2 Harpoon-like physics to this bad boy ASAP. (I realize this might be age-rating related rather than a limitation of the engine but… Please?).

+/- Grav ham: Superb. Feels beefy and distinct from other close-range weapons. It does need the gravity blossoming effect, in some fashion. Maybe the gravity effect pulls targets forward at some radius’ (or at the sides of the hammer) while the main swing still has the epic launching effect? No one wants to knock their opponent away and miss a kill because of the effect. Also, the non-Grav Melee swing would benefit from a different animation. My personal favorite is swinging it like a bat, like in previous games.

+/- Heatwave feels awkward to me. The firing modes make it seem like it’ll play as a shotgun where you alter spread, but it pokes really well at range and obviously bounces like the classic Scattershot. When I have an alt-fire shot that hits all projectiles on a target, I want them dead or shields broken. But then I recognize that drifts into the Bulldog’s territory, but with all the bonuses I just mentioned. Anyway. Doesn’t feel like I’d want this weapon at medium or long-range, and the bulldog does its job better at short range. And if I’m up against more than 1 person, odds are I’m losing that fight, regardless of me being able to hit them both.

+/- Shock Rifle: A neat alternative to the sniper. Rewards headshots but has utility in group/vehicular settings. Adding pylons around the map, that act as conduits bouncing and dealing charged electrical damage would be great. More environmental options to kill players would make this weapon feel better in non-vehicular maps. Plus the custom game potential seems quite strong… As of right now, it’s “neat” factors seem to be too situational.


  • Grappleshot and Repulsor allow for fun, big-brain shenanigans. Excellent additions to the sandbox.
  • Drop Wall had one utility I saw: dropping in front of someone about to use a rocket …so they kill themselves. Otherwise, it was too slow and too weak to be used responsibly in most engagements. I’m OK with this being a piece of ‘proactive’ equipment that should be thrown around corners ahead of a fight-- but if that’s the case then it needs to be strong enough to hold a point due like the deployable cover or bubble shield of old. Especially since, due to the slow deployment and recovery time, this is not able to be used reactively like the others.

Same Song and Dance:
I’m on board with changes to player’s earning general XP over challenges. That is, unless, you have access to more than three daily challenges at a time. I don’t want to have a game of Snipers where I go 10-0, all headshots baby, to find out after my “Win 1 Game” challenge I now need to clear headshots with a sniper. Because I already did that today. Why couldn’t I be rewarded then? I mean I just did it. You get it.

Non-XP Challenges:
I’d love to see some challenges ala COD4/MW2. Some Basic Training stuff that can be completed whenever. Maybe they earn emblems, sprays, emotes, or some basic armor coatings. (Say, two-toned patterns). I’m guessing these things have already been discussed but I am a fan of challenges- just having a large pool of them to pick and choose from at my leisure, not feel restricted or forced into to progress.

Collision is a must in all game modes. It’s just a part of the Halo experience. As for friendly fire, add it to social games (Griffball, action sack) and keep it out of the Ranked/General social experience. It’s sometimes funny to accidentally betray a teammate; it’s never fun to get griefed an entire 10-minute game.

Grenade Jumping: Yes, please.

Future Flights:
This has been a great way to test feedback and I’m thrilled you’re eager to listen to us, the players’ feedback. That being said, I don’t want it to stop after launch. Particularly with Forge.

The tools for Forge are likely already in place and now it’s simply a testing phase. It’s great that you don’t want to release anything that’s not finished-- but allowing Insiders to use and test the tools early (say around the time of Season 1 as opposed to Season 2 when it’s anticipated to release) would be significant. One, allowing some maps and modes to be worked on gives you instant free content for a Forge-less season. Two, it allows your community to give you a heads up if tools aren’t working the way you expected or intended.

Thanks to the team for your time and energy that’s gone into this game. Can’t wait for more to come!