Pilots pelican and possibly upgrading it?

Purely speculation here but in halo infinites campaign early footage from last year I heard “salvage parts from some downed condors” /something like that. I would like the idea of being able to fix the pelican and possibly upgrade it to like a condor maybe even fly it but that’s far fetched. I Would really like to see this happen

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That line seemed more story driven but with infinite being an open world game anything is possible.

Pretty sure the whole point of the “salvage parts” objective was to do with the story considering the Pelican crash landed and The Pilot mentions he “saw Condors and wants to dig through them to find a working slipspace drive” so that they can leave the Halo ring and go home.

I hate to say it but your definitely stretching over a minor story line that sets up a objective for your mission.
I don’t think that everything needs to be upgraded either - just because it’s a semi open world game. Unless there is any practical use to upgrading the Pelican it would just be a checklist item you do for the sake of it.

I’ve been wanting flyable pelicans in multiplayer since Combat Evolved. Those things are awesome if you have the right maps to work with.