Pillar of Autumn detonation objective pace

Now I wonder how fast was the Master Chief with his objective in going to activate the detonation of the Pillar of Autumn? The reason I wonder is the duration of two final missions from their games that take place at the same time. As what I notice, The Maw from CE takes nearly 30 Minutes to approximately an hour to complete while Last Stand from FR takes nearly 10 minutes to complete and sometime at the early midpoint of Last Stand, we saw Master Chief flying his banshee to the Pillar of Autumn. Now in the lore, I imagine the Master Chief going fast with his own objective which I happened to wonder if that’s mentioned in Halo: The Flood? I know Master Chief had to disable the fusion reactors and use the Warthog to get out, both of which when the duration of those objectives are combined takes several minutes but then the Master Chief went through various areas before going to the fusion room.

IIRC, but I’ve not reread The Flood in ages the PoA final sections are pretty much on the same sort of timescale as you’d expect from the game on roughly Heroic difficulty.