Pieces of Halo 4 - Xbox email

I just got an email from Xbox titled “Your piece of the Halo 4 puzzle.‏”. In the email is a slice of what looks to be a larger picture. My piece is 12/32. Has anyone else got one of these?

yes, mine is piece 27/32

> Better yet… because it’ll be hard to keep track of all the numbers. I made a quick gmail email. Please FORWARD it to this email (that way I have the image and which number it is)
> Halo4Images@gmail.com
> Thanks guys, we can do this

I have 23/32 lol how interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

I have got one too, mine is piece 14/32

Mine is 2/32. Here is a link. I can put them all together if you guys post them

EDIT: Here is our final image. Thanks guys, you’re the best:


26/32 here. We must complete the puzzle…

I have 02/32.

You can make out the word ‘Dawn’ and flames on this piece.

Guess we are gonna need to work together to create the final thing. On mine I can see Master Chiefs helmet, but he kinda looks upside down lol

yeah, ive got 30/32

Here’s mine, nothing really to see in this one lol


#23 by the way

I got it too. It’s 08/32. I see John’s left shoulder, so it may be the final cover art. :slight_smile:

I have 14 of 32

What? Email from who? When?

must be the box art!

editions anyone?

I got 19/32. If we agree on a site to post them on I don’t mind putting them all together and reposting the full image.

> I have 23/32 lol how interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same as you.

Here is a picture.

I’m stringing them together as we speak

Here’s mine: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/441/puzzlei.png/


This sorda thing gets me so exited.
I’ll post mine soon.



I got 05/32