Picking your approximate spawn point

I thought of an idea where the player could pick their pick their approximate spawn in Halo 4 in some playlists, it would allow you to cycle through certain game cameras (like the initial loadout cameras in Reach) that would be specific to certain spawn zones. These spawn zones would be zones that would have spawn points in them and if a player is on a certain spawn camera then they will spawn in a spawn point around that area, this would keep people from spawning in horrible places all the time.

I was just wondering what the community thought of this idea.

You mean like Bro Slayer? Because that worked terribly in preventing spawnkilling.

absolutely not.

if you could pick your spawn powerweapons would be chaotic at the start of matches, default spawning mechanics should stay

Oh, please. Not again.

The horrors of “Bro Slayer”.

there would only be about three areas that would allow this, otherwise it would be random spawning, and they would be placed in a way that the players would not get an advantage to powerweapons

maybe on a gamemode where every player has 3 lives or something, you could pick approx spawn location, or in social. But in ranked/arena/or whatever comes next, absolutely not.

If it’s similar to how it us in Invasion then I’m ok with it.
It gives me an opportunity to create a strategy before I spawn rather than randomly spawning.
Also it should be for respawning, not initial spawning.