Picking up the objective should be prioritized over items on the ground

It’s really frustrating to go to pick up the oddball or flag under fire only to find yourself holding that dead guy’s bulldog while the enemy runs off with the ball.

On the first night of playing, my friends and I actually encountered people dropping weapons all over the flag so that it was more difficult to pick up. And it worked, we had to stand over the pile and walk around until we saw the pick up flag prompt.

Im curious why i haven’t seen anybody else discussing this, what’s everyone’s experience here? I think given a dropped item and an objective item within the players pickup radius, the objective should be prioritized.


man i agree with you completely. its bad enough that every playlist is grab bag, forcing everyone to play objective when many just want to play slayer, but having to spend the extra 2-10 seconds juggling weapons trying to grab the objective under fire quite frustrating. I will, however, now spend every capture the flag match im forced into dropping as many weapons no one wants to use on the flag as possible in the interest of making it as miserable for everyone as that gametype makes me. i had never thought of doing it intentionally, just noticed it when a few people died fighting over it.