Pick One UNSC weapon you'd want in Infinite

  • DMR
  • Spartan Laser
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sticky Detenator
  • Railgun
  • SAW
  • The REAL Shotgun
  • SMG
  • Silent SMG
  • Silent Pistol

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With the lack of weapons, choose one that you want most or looking forward to the most.

Edit: keep in mind, this game implements a weapons rotation system. So Behemoth for example(horrible map) will have the commando replace the BR entirely.

You got to look at this from the current sandbox perspective. What fills which, and which area becomes saturated. Imma go with SMGs. Not really any close ranged weapons besides the sidekick (outside of power weapons)

Considering in some maps take weapons out of rotation, like the commando takes out the Br and vice versa, adding any one of these guns wouldnt change a thing. The Spartan laser could replace the Skewer and sniper on Live Wire or on some big team map.

Given the current sandbox, the Sticky Detonator would be the most unique addition the could add to the game. There’s nothing even remotely like it in the game right now.

Most of the other weapons have something similar enough to make their inclusion feel redundant.

I don’t know about redundant…the DMR and the commando are vastly different. Primarily the rate of fire and damage per shot. Grenade launcher doesn’t explode after the first bounce like the Cinder shot, etc etc

The DMR is more comparable to the BR and Stalker than anything else, and when you put those two weapons side by side I’m left to ask why even bother with the DMR? It would just fill the exact same role as the Stalker, but weaker and easier to use. Which the BR already is. So we look at it compared to the BR and it’s the exact same role, but with more consistent damage at farther ranges, which the Stalker already does. It’s completely redundant.

The Grenade Launcher is different enough from the Cindershot, yes. But the Sticky Detonator is even more different from the Cindershot than the Grenade Launcher is. And if they added the Sticky Detonator, I’d say the Grenade Launcher isn’t different enough from the two combined to really warrant an inclusion.

Right now we have a really tight sandbox. Nearly all the trimmed weapon fat feels justified because nearly all of it overlaps heavily with one or more weapons that are already in the game.

I think the Sticky Detonator is the one weapon on this list that has the least overlap with the rest of the sandbox in a significant way.

As I said, this game has a weapons rotations system that takes guns OUT of the match entirely. A match where the DMR would take out the BR and commando. If the excuse is “weapons feeling redundant” then the game already has a remedy for that.

Is this in reference to Halo 4/5’s sandbox? Because Infinite has more weapons than every other Bungie title.

You forgot the magnum.

I’ve thought about this already and I think the one weapon that could really fit with the gameplay and be fun to use the most would be the Railgun. There aren’t any other guns in the game right now that function the same way or fit the same niche. It wouldn’t break the game or make other weapons obsolete, etc. it’s maybe the one weapon on the list that wouldn’t.

I never really liked the idea of nixing weapons for redundancy. If I could have it my way, I’d have all the previous weapons return. I miss my grenade launcher and spartan laser. :cry:

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Mistake on my part, I meant how lack luster the weapon selection is. Especially in regards to each faction. Seeing as how Halo Infinite is the “penultimate” and lore wise it would make sense for the UNSC to have more in their aresnal in this point in time. I firmly believe the Banished should be have the Bruteshot as a weapon option as well.

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Hell yeah, Spartan Laser! Cool factor comes first, we can worry about the balancing specifics later

The saw is a close second for me, but the bulldog is pretty weak for a shotgun.