Pick 2 maps you want to be remade for Halo 4

Halo has a legacy of fantastic maps.

Halo has had fantastic BtB maps like Headlong, Bloodgulch, and Waterworks

Intense 4v4 maps like Lockout, Gaurdian, and the pit.

And even Reach had some cool maps like The Spire, and Highlands.

Though I feel the majority of Halo 4’s maps should be new and have far less remakes than Reach. I do believe 2 maps should be remade.

I don’t think they should remake something like hang em high, or lockout because those maps have almost been in the game in one way or another. ( Though a variation of lockout would be cool similar top how gaurdian was conceived.) No when Halo 4 first launches its remakes need to be maps everyone enjoyed, but maybe ones that haven’t been used time and time again. ( aka Blood Gulch)

My picks are

Waterworks from Halo 2: Just 2 days ago I put in Halo 2 for nostalgia purposes. I played up to the heretic part in the campaign and decided to take a stroll down memory lane and go in to the multiplayer. After looking at that line up I realized just how terrible reach’s maps are. i don’t think there is a map in reach’s initial arsenal ( not DLC maps) that can touch anything Halo 2 had. Aside from reflection of course ( remake of ivory tower). Out of all of the fantastic maps in Halo 2 one caught my eye…waterworks. It has nowhere near the popularity of say lockout, baver creek, or coag. But I had more fun running through that map than I do playing most reach maps. Its layout, setting, and balance is exciting and fun.

The Pit from Halo 3: Though Halo 3 introduced a lot of great maps, my favorite has to be the pit. Its small and symetrical, and I love the layout. Also it has yet to be remade and is great for competitive games.

Those are my picks. If you agree please say so, If you have your own picks leave them below.


Sanctuary (not that Asylum crap)


High Ground and Coagulation

Headlong - for 4v4 & 8v8, 1 Flag & 1 Bomb with a nice vehicle splash of fun thrown in.

Guardian - Just because of the small map based action that never slows down and because it design never allowed for a real advantage point.

Either way I hoping that there are NO FORGE maps on the Halo 4 release.

Headlong of course. One of my favorite BTB maps of all games. Loved getting out of the map and sword canceling with a couple friends to get us to the very tops of the buildings. Or Rocket launching with the sword.

Relic. Plain and simple. No explanation needed.

I’d say Rat Race from Halo 1 and Containment from Halo 2.

Ah yes, I forgot about Headlong. That was a great map.

Two maps is a VERY hard decision.

I’d want to see Lockout, but it has been remade so much so it might be too much to hope for and ask. I also feel the same with Sanctuary. I’d still really love to seem them in Halo 4, and maybe even Guardian as well, but the previous two take my vote over that.

I don’t hold Halo: Combat Evolved maps to close so I can’t think of any from there. If I had the choice I’d just see Halo 2 maps, all of them, to be remade. In fact, the entire game at that point, but I digress.

I know for a Big Team Battle map we would have to have Headlong as it is so diverse when it comes to any gameplay and player count. I’ve had many good times on Headlong, and although a lot of them were glitches and custom games I can say I had a lot of fun playing Big Team on it when I would occasionally pop into that playlist.

And, if I had to chose another map to plug in for general purposes(without any MLG bias) I’d have to say Turf. It was an all-around fun map that had so many ways to play. The thing is I don’t know if it would be as fun being remade as many tactical jumps or spots would be inaccessible.

Edit: I didn’t even think about The Pit. This is so much harder now.

Terminal from Halo 2 and Standoff from Halo 3.

I’d Have to say blood Gulch and Guardian. I had to most fun on those maps.

Blood Gutch and Avalanche

There are so many amazing maps in Halo 3…I’d say The Pit and Sandtrap.


That^ would be awesome. Sorry, I don’t know how to link.

Not to be another one of those Halo 3 worshippers, but Sandtrap and Standoff were home to many, many memories for me.

Tempest with dynamic spawns and as a contrast Standoff with static spawns

Coagulation and Headlong

(yeah I’m a big team/objective type of guy, but if I had to choose one arena like map)

The Pit/ and Headlong

(every Halo has its canyon map!)

Standoff with the return of the opening doors and Headlong (incredible map).

Guardian and Danger Canyon

Blood Gulch and Ascension. Just because they were so desecrated in Halo Reach and I’d like to see them return to a semi-playable capacity.

Hands down the map I miss most right now is Turf! And then to go with that, I’d like to see Terminal again too.

GUARDIAN nothing beats it best map

beaver creek