Phoenix recruiting for a good time

Phoenix is a clan that is mainly based on having a good time. Everyday there is an event that is either fun or competitive. They are as follows:

Monday: Game Night 9:00pm
Tuesday: Meeting 7:00pm
Wednesday: Training 9:00pm
Thursday: Tournament 9:00pm
Friday: Flashback 7:00pm
Saturday: Game Night 7:00pm
Sunday:Team Night 7:00pm
All times are EST.

Also, there is a competitive ranking system base off of experience points. They are:


Recruit-0 Pistol/No Color Change

Private-30-Can join a squad
Assault Rifle/Sprint/White/White

Seargant-100-Co-Lead a squad DMR/Evade/Armor Lock/White/Yellow

Captain-200-Lead a squad Grenade Launcher/Shotgun/Drop Shield/White/Gold

Lt. Colonel-350-Join specialty squad Rocket Launcher/Sniper Rifle/Spartan Laser/Active Camouflage/Hologram/Jet Pack/White/Black

Colonel-600-Co-Lead specialty squad/Black/White

Brigadier-900-Lead 2 squads/Black/Yellow

General-1250-Lead specialty Squad/Black/Gold

Field Marshall-1650-Lead 3 squads/Black/Blue

(May be changed because of game)

The point values are as follows:

Point Values:
1: Participated
2: Team Won
3: Best on Team
5: Best In Game
10-20: On Quality of Map Forged
1-20: Things Done for Clan or Members Recruited

All of these things are open to discussion and can be changed on meeting nights.

Please contact me on Xbox if you would like to join or get more info. My GamerTag is jawdux.

P.S. We are also currently working on a Halo: Reach Machinima if you would like to help.