Phoenix Guardian Eternal Recruiting

This Spartan Company Was Founded to Have These Goals In Mind…

To Have Fun And Chill All The While Being Total Badasses While Doing So In All That Is Halo.
so lets get straight to the point I’m not gunna write a long -Yoink- recruitment speech as were just a freshly created company as were looking to add honest everyday folks into our ranks no matter where your from who like to play so that it can be easy to team up for things like Warzone, Slayer, Swat, Campaign etc as a company any whatever your cup of tea is.

To Join Our Spartan Company All You Need To Do Leave a Message On Our Spartan Company Profile
Or Just Leave a Comment Here With Your Gamertag And We Will Send You An Invitation As Soon As Possible.

Hey I’ll join your merry band. Gt: Panda Lap Dance