PHOENIX COMMAND - Actively Recruiting

Phoenix Command is looking for active, highly skilled and dedicated members. We are a military based clan, which specializes in all around gameplay, weaponry and tactics. We take care of our own. If you think you have what it takes to make it into our clan and/or family as we would call it… Give Undead X S0ulja (The 0 is # zero) a message and see if you can make it through our recruitment!

Good evening Phoenix Command,

Welcome to the community and I would like to extend an invitation to a clan alliance known as the Sector Nine Federation. Our goals and aims are simple: unite the clan community, improve the clan community and build bridges that create one of the most famous coalitions ever. Here is a link so you may view the information regarding it

Also we are going to be having a meeting amongst the clans in the Alliance and people interested in it this Friday 29th April at 8pm EST. I highly encourage you to come along and bring anyone else that may be possibly interested in this alliance. I hope you can see the value of this coalition and I am free to answer questions at anytime. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Very Respectfully,

Darth Baum
Epsilon Fleet Command, Fleet Admiral
Sector Nine Federation, Security Council