Phantoms in forge?

I just want to see phantoms and other covenant/ human vehicles in forge. They should also add the falcon and hornet back because the humans deserve an air vehicle too.

Nah/ No phantoms, or pelicans.

I heard they were planning on putting a Phantom into Forge to balance out the Pelican so you might have your wish.

hmm… seems cool

Hopefully they make it so you can DRIVE these things… You know, like we’ve wanted since Halo CE. Sure, we got 4 and Reach, but both were brief and we didn’t have the ability to Forge them. We know for a fact the UNSC has captured Phantoms before, they can canonically add them into the WGS.

Even in 2552 they had sims (I think Dutch or Mickey said it had been years since they ran a simulation before hijacking the Phatom)

If we get it in forge I feel like that is good enough