Phantom explosions are really bad

Not one to hop on the complain train around here but one thing really rubs me the wrong way with infinite.

Phantoms do not properly satisfy my expectations when they blow up. Infact the just disappear. Compared to Halo 3 where they actually blow up in pieces and the rubble is observable on the battle field.



It’s probably considered a huge resource strain for an exploded Phanton. But it could also be something they’ll properly address in the future as well and just left it as playable but ugly as it is now.


All explosions are bad. They remind me of the 2d ones from old doom shooters.


phantoms seem unfinished in general, especially with how they just appear and disappear out of nowhere. its possible that the ship is supposed to be cloaking but there’s no visual effect implying that.

and yeah, lame explosions are a trend 343i has been continuing since halo 4.


343 hasn’t been able to do explosion since H4, so I would bet on it.


LateNightGaming did a pretty apt comparison of some older titles’ explosions compared to Infinites.

343 could absolutely stand to learn a thing or two from it.

I’d post the video, but it seems that YouTube videos are now not able to be posted anymore?


Even in Halo 4 they weren’t great.


Yours explode?

Mine would just drop like a rock and flail around on the ground like a fish at times :rofl:


They don’t explode, they just vaporize into thin air lol.


explosions in this game are bad.


It’s kind of annoying at times when phantoms do random things, iv’e had banshees disappear on me too, hopefully it’s something that get’s fixed at some point along with explosions, although it hasn’t spoiled my game etc so it’s not a big deal for me

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Don’t hold your breath for it, infinite is an unfinished mess and it’ll continue to be unfinished sadly enough

Phantom explosions have been unsatisfying since Reach, honestly. As someone before mentioned, it’s probably a resource hog to have them be at Halo 3’s level since even Bungie backed off on that in Reach.


Agreed, explosions are terrible.

I understand that 343 is being ambitious about some things, but fundamentally their games just won’t pull me in like Bungie’s did without that polish and attention to detail. 14 years later and Halo 3 still holds up to most games. There are plenty of low res bits, but they clearly but so much polish into it that it still works and feels immersive. Infinite has brief beautiful moments and then lots of painful reminders of how unfinished it is…

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If they’re like DOOM then they’re good. They just don’t belong in Halo that’s all.

Don’t say stuff like that. They will finish the fight this game eventually. It’ll just take time.

Resources could very well be the problem. Halo Infinite is a massive big open world after all.

So they did them in CE Anniversary?

Totally agree, every single explosion in this game looks awful, the hydra shots, names, rockets, vehicles explosions all of them.

the blow up from the phantoms in halo infinite are much better then there are in halo 3.

its true in halo 3 that when there blow up a lot off rubble was on the battlefield but that was in my eye’s most time’s also the big problem when you drive a tank or so.

in halo 3 the mission The Ark was it always for my part a big problem the rubble from the phantoms you blow up there since the rubble was sometime’s on place where you need to go.
and its more a hell when you need to drive with a tank and the rubble is in the way.

You just push the rubble out of the way with the tank.

Blowing something up and having to deal with its wreckage feels a lot more dynamic that just being able to phase through a few lego chunks after most the craft just vaporizes.


i have play halo 3 on MCC the mission the ark few mins ago.
and i have destroy there 2 phantoms with the scorpoin tank.
i have record it also but sadly you cant push then since there are to big and solid.
so your point is wrong.
and if you not belive me look on the video i have upload on youtube.
and you can also try it on your own in halo 3 on the ark mission and see it for you self.

so to have this also in halo infinite no please since its give only more problems.

By Doom-shooters I mean 90s pc fps games with 2d sprites for explosions. Infinite’s explosions remind me of 2d sprites.

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